I’ve had a computer since 1979, been an IT professional since 1994 and between work and hobby computing am a bit of a jack-of-all trades. Apparently what I’ve been doing is a lot like devops, and that’s a great career opportunity for me.

I put up my first–always self-hosted–web sites in 2005 and have sporadically blogged, and this content is now here. This site–started in 2015–is my third major revision of me-branding on the Internet.

midnightFreddie is a handle I started using in 2010. I tend to stay up late and do IT lab work when I probably should have been sleeping, and “Freddie” is a reference to the A/V geeky kid that runs the video production of the webshow inside of the TV show iCarly.

I think I have some things to contribute to the devops, container and Powershell communities, and to the IT community in general. If not, at least I can demonstrate some knowledge for potential future employers.