I’ve been very busy the past two years—in a good way—and I should have had a lot more to share. But my sharing and self-tech-notes efforts went into work, reddit, GitHub or private places like a forum and OneNote.

A couple of weeks ago I decided I needed a more consistent place for this, so I started posting on an unsued domain name I have with no self-restrictions on making polished posts, complete thoughts or even complete sentences. That level of freedom unexpectedly led me to post a lot and even to go back and fill in posts with notes. So I moved those posts here to this site, and I might go dig out some of the private notes and put them here.

I haven’t posted on this site since November 2014, but some posts may appear in those time frames due to my copying from unpublished sources and dating them based on when I created them. Because it’s been useful to me time and time again to have an unintentional dated tech journal to refer back on.