AWS us-east-1 region had problems for several hours today, and reportedly S3 was down. This site and another site of mine are S3-backed and in that region, so they were probably unavailable.

These aren’t revenue-generating sites, but they are fronted by CloudFront, and I realized that the S3 cost for the content is negligible, and having a second S3 bucket back end in a different region would cost next to nothing.

From my early reading, CloudFront won’t fail over from one S3 backend to another, but I bet I could have Lambda do periodic health checks and change the CloudFront priority if it detects the primary bucket is down.

Apparently Lambda was affected, too, so I would want the primary bucket to be in a different region than my Lambda code.

So far this is just an idea. I’m in the middle of a couple of other things right now, but I wanted to make a note of this.