Surprisingly I haven’t created an EC2 instance before. I run VMs and containers at home and at work, and in 2015 I set up a couple of instances up in Google Compute that seemed to run through my $300 trial credit in two weeks which scared me away from the cloud for a while and convinced me to invest in two new home lab VM servers. In retrospect I think they goofed up the trial billing, and I’ve learned there are ways to control costs like budget alerts and spot instances.

My original spark for this particular instance launch was to see what is in the AWS image which presumably is what Lambda runs on.

  • I’m a bit confused about all the instance types, but I set a max prince of 1 cent/hour and have an instance going and an expiration of a few days from now
  • It’s interesting that I can apparently get 6 hours at a certain spot price and not be preempted during that time? That could be useful for transcoding or otherwise running the webshow from the cloud.
  • I had to add SSH to the security group inbound rules before I could connect
  • The image has Python 2.7 and Ruby 2.0, but no Node or Git
  • Oh, it has OpenJDK Java installed, too
  • It has curl, wget, zip, unzip, tar, gzip, bzip2 and xz. I’m particularly curious if I can use these from Lambda.
  • Interestingly, nginx is in the yum repo and node isn’t. Neither are in the CentOS 7 repos and require EPEL for yum installation.
  • Docker is in both the Amazon yum repo and CentOS 7 repo…didn’t know that about CentOS
  • (By CentOS 7 I mean a pristine VM at home installed via a CentOS 7 ISO and not any AMI.)