I’m going to try to create a minimum viable nodecg bundle to display “Hello, World!”.

  • I created midnightfreddie-hello/graphics/index.html under bundles/ with a simple web page and started nodecg. It says this does not contain a package.
  • Deduced this means I need a midnightfreddie-hello/package.json, and I was right
  • Quickly learned to rename my folder amidnightfreddie because it processes the packages in order and I can fail faster being processed before the other bundles
  • “Error: midnightfreddie-hello’s package.json lacks a “nodecg” property, and therefore cannot be parsed.” Interesting, it gets the name from package.json and not the directory name. Also, useful error message!
  • Ah! Here are the package.json requirements in a tuturial named “manifest”. Makes sense I guess, but I didn’t get there intuitively.
  • Hah! Once I got the package.json errors fixed it complained about my package name not matching my folder name. Changing it back.
  • Success! I’ll see if I can make this into a tutorial and perhaps expand on it to make an incremental start-from-scratch tutorial.
  • I created a GitHub repo for the code.

Screenshot of "Hello, World!" in OBS


  • The bundle tutorial doesn’t explain bundles but has a couple of helpful tips on configuring bundles and schema validation.