This is a continuation of notes after creating a static web site on Google Cloud Storage.

  • Making a second bucket for non-git-tracked files (will have to use load balancer with routing ability)
    • gsutil mb gs://
    • This is so I can completely control the main bucket with my static site generator and leave the images and such in this bucket
    • Oops it didn’t like that name
    • gsutil mb gs://
    • Uploaded my image files here
    • Shared them publicly via web UI
  • Getting tired now, just feeling my way through Google Console’s Networking -> Load Balancing
  • “Create load balancer”
  • “HTTP(S) Load Balancing” -> Start configuration
  • Don’t immediately see how to add a bucket or http back end. will resume tomorrow after resting.
  • Tomorrow is here, starting with this guide
  • Guide says this is an opt-in Alpha release
  • I’m also not seeing that Google has any native signed cert offering, so will use Let’s Encrypt, or maybe even a self-signed cert at first
  • Signing up for alpha access is not trivial
    • The link they give to find your project number doesn’t help. Go to the main console dashboard, pick the project and the number is there
    • I still can’t figure out if this is supposed to be a Google contact or me, but I put me:

      Account Manager Name

      Main Google contact person for this customer

  • Finishing the form gives me this. Does this mean I have to wait for approval or am I good to go now?

    Signup for Alpha: HTTP(S) Load Balancing for Google Cloud Storage (GCS)

    Your response has been recorded.

  • I guess it means I have to wait

      gcloud alpha compute backend-buckets create static-bucket \
          --description " generated content" \

    ERROR: (gcloud.alpha.compute.backend-buckets.create) Some requests did not succeed:

    • Required ‘Alpha Access’ permission for ‘Compute API’

To be updated…