Visitors (repo) is an old weblog analyzer, but I still find it useful for a quick and dirty ad-hoc analysis.

export OUTFILE=~/www/visitors-$MYSITE.html
    zgrep -h $MYSITE /var/log/nginx/access.log | \
    visitors \
        --prefix http://$MYSITE \
        --prefix http://www.$MYSITE \
        --trails \
	    --error404 \
	    --ignore-404 \
        -A \
        --max-lines 300 \
        - > $OUTFILE

I have some unnecessary ordering of files there because I was reusing commands and at times piping grep -h to less and wanting chronological order. I’m also grepping my site name because my log file has many vhosts, and I’m logging the vhost name, so this separates out the site I want.