I stumbled upon an older note myself that I wanted to try Harp.js (on GitHub). I still do, so here’s another note to myself.

I am currently using Jekyll but would like better templating than liquid.


  • This exists: https://github.com/edrex/jekyll2harp
    • At first attempt, all it seems to do is to create a new folder with _data.json being an array of metadata for each post and the md files without the metadata
    • It only seems to be able to create new folders and not add to a site
  • Harp stores all metadata in _data.json
    • https://github.com/sintaxi/harp/issues/97
    • That issue discussion on front matter vs centralized metadata mirrors my own thoughts when first searching for a paradigm like Jekyll
    • I concluded then and now that for my use case, having a text-based centralized metadata store is untenable / unmaintainable. At that piont I might as well have a database.

So I think I’m sticking with Jekyll for now. I can write my own gems to use erb if needed.